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“Your vision, hard work and dedication extended well beyond the ordinary client/contractor relationship to make Canada’s Northern House (for the 2010 Olympics) an achievement that presented our Territory on a world class scale. It beautifully told our story.”
– Robert R. McLeod, Premier of Canada’s Northwest Territories

" I have had the pleasure of working with Lynn on and off for many years and in many parts of the world. She is a fierce and capable art consultant and curator with a fine eye for detail, strong support for her artists, and a graceful persistence when there is pressure to get a show ready for the public. Lynn brings a positive energy and years of experience to her work and in the five exhibitions I have done with her, I have watched her turn them into something special.

- Christopher Porter, Cinematographer, filmmaker & photographer

clients include 

Department of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC) / Arctic Image Festival, Inuvik, NWT, March 2014 / Northern Lights 2014, Ottawa ON / Government of the Northwest Territories; NWT Days, Ottawa ON 2013 / Canada’s Northern House, Vancouver 2010 Olympics /NWT Arts Marketing Plan (5 year)/  Folk on the Rocks Music Festival, Yellowknife, NWT / 2011 / Northern Cultural Expressions Society, Yukon / 2010 Inuksuit Project, Nunavut Development CorporationTrees Gallery, Nova Scotia / Arts Advisor, Ulukhaktok (Holman) Arts Association / Curator, Great Northern Arts Festival, Inuvik, NWT

 Lynn Feasey, Founder and Principal

Lynn Feasey, Founder and Principal

As a Curator and Artistic Director/Producer with a background in business and marketing, Lynn offers a unique approach and perspective towards arts development. With a speciality in Inuit and northern indigenous arts development, she has traveled to many small art-producing communities across Canada for a greater understanding of what it takes to produce visual and performing arts in Canada’s Arctic regions.

Lynn and her team work with arts organizations, government, and directly with artists, to elevate the arts and culture industry in the north, and beyond.


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